• Reflections Hospice
  • Mar 05, 2018
Full time Health Care

Job Description

The Reflections Hospice Nurse is that member of the interdisciplinary team who is the pivotal person in identifying the physical, psychosocial, behavioral health, and spiritual needs of the patient and family. He/ She initiates appropriate intervention and support for the patient and family upon admission to Reflections Hospice and provides a continuously appropriate, comprehensive and responsive plan of care.


  1. **Case Management and Supervision**
    1. Coordinates the patient’s and family’s care and services including those of the team Social Worker, Chaplain, and Volunteer and Physician.
    2. Appropriately utilizes the skills and resources of contract personnel such as PT, OT, Dietary, Speech and Pharmacy.
    3. Assesses physical and psychosocial status of patients and families within 48 hours of admission to Reflections Hospice.
    4. Outlines admissions plan of care with the Team Manager for immediate
    5. Educates patients, families and other care persons in appropriate care techniques.
    6. Serves as the patient and family advocate by maintaining regular communication with attending physicians, long term care facility staff, HMO case managers and others external to Reflections Hospice.
    7. Participates in providing bereavement support to families, including closure contacts and associated bereavement activities as assigned by the
    8. Ensures and documents appropriate use of medications, durable medical equipment and supplies.
    9. Participates in weekly team meetings.
    10. Provides appropriate care plan and leaves in the home for team colleagues and contract personnel.
    11. Monitors the recertification/reauthorization process.
    12. Attends to the process and accurately documents revocations.
    13. Reports necessary information to Team Manager from after hour triage
    14. Responds to after hour triage issues as clinically appropriate.
    15. Performs on-site evaluations of HHA’s and volunteers.
    16. May participate in the rotation of night and weekend after hour
    17. Contacts patients Attending Physician for change in patient needs/medications.
    18. May be asked to assist/complete admissions on occasion.
    19. Willing to assist in other nursing roles as directed by Director of


  1. **Quality Improvement**
    1. Integrates quality improvement results into the established plan of
    2. Participates in quality assessment and improvement activities as assigned by the Team Manager.
    3. Participates in proactive patient calls.
    4. Participates in substantive chart reviews as assigned by the Director of Nursing.


  1. **Professional Development**
    1. Participates in the orientation of new team members as assigned by the Director of Nursing.
    2. Attends regularly scheduled in-services and educational conferences.
    3. Develops and achieves professional growth goals and objectives and reviews with the Director of Nursing on a quarterly basis.
    4. Represents professional nursing, the Reflections site and the company in a positive manner.
    5. Participates in instructional activities within Reflections Hospice as well as outside the program.


  1. **Customer Service**
    1. Promotes a customer service oriented approach.
    2. Participates in customer conflict resolution.


  1. Reliable transportation with adequate insurance coverage for driver and passengers.
  2. Telephone available in home.


  1. Currently licensed to practice nursing in the state where the Reflections program is located.
  2. A minimum of two years of experience (preferably five) in acute-care hospital nursing in either medical, surgical or oncology unit.
  3. Only a RN with one year of behavioral health experience may provide patient/family consultation for psychotropic medications.


Reports directly to the Director of Nursing