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  • Jan 09, 2018
Part time Health Care

Job Description


Through a close working relationship with the client/family and other service providers,

The caregiver is involved in providing the services necessary for the comfort, recovery, or rehabilitation of the client. She/he functions under the direction, instruction and supervision of the Nurse and/or Nurse Supervisor.



  1. Performs only those personal care activities contained in a written assignment which

      may include: Helping the patient to maintain good personal hygiene.

  1. Assisting in maintaining a safe and healthy environment.
  2. Planning and preparing nutritious meals. Grocery shopping when instructed to do so 

      by the nurse. Assisting in measuring and preparing special diets as ordered by the

      physician, and taught and supervised by the nurse for a specific patient.         

  1. Assisting the patient in ambulation. Assisting with the use of a walker or wheelchair

      as taught and supervised by the nurse for a specific patient.

  1. Perform household services that are essential to the client’s care at home. 

      Assistance in household tasks necessary to provide a clean environment in which  

      the client lives to maintain his/her social and psychological well-being.

  1. Encouraging the patient to become as independent as possible according to the

      interdisciplinary care plan.

  1. Attempting to promote patient’s mental alertness through involvement in activities of


  1. Laundry Assistance: Washing, drying and ironing clothes and linens. Ironing should

      be limited to tasks required to make clothes presentable.

  1. Changing and laundering client’s bed linens as needed.



  1. Gives simple emotional and psychological support to the patient and other members    

      of the household.

  1. Reports any change in the patient’s mental or physical condition or home situation

      to the Nurse and members of the interdisciplinary team.

  1. Teaches basic care to the primary caregiver.
  2. Practices infection control measures per OSHA standards.
  3. Reads and records temperature, pulse and respiration.
  4. Keeps accurate records of patient’s health care activities on interdisciplinary charts.
  5. Evaluates patient/family needs and assists in the preparation and execution of the

      interdisciplinary plan of care.




  1. Completes a minimum of 12 hours of in-services per year.



  1. Change sterile dressings.
  2. Irrigate body cavities (such as an enema).
  3. Irrigate a colostomy or wound.
  4. Perform a gastric lavage or gavage.
  5. Catheterize a patient.
  6. Administer medications except those that are self-administered.
  7. Apply heat by any method.
  8. Care for a tracheotomy tube.
  9. Suction a patient.
  10. Do any personal health service which has not been included in the patient care plan

      by the Nurse.



  1. High School graduate or equivalent preferred.
  2. Proof of state certification, if applicable.
  3. One year direct patient care experience in an institutional setting.



  1. Ability to travel per job requirements.
  2. Telephone available in home.



  1. Reports directly to the Caregiver Manager and/or Nurse.
  2. Receives clinical direction from the patient’s primary nurse.